COVID-19 Announcement


It is a crazy time in our world, and many people want to have continuity in the care that we provide. Even though we cannot provide acupuncture, we are available for remote consults either by phone or Remote consults can be used to check in on your ongoing health goals, or for acute issues.

OHS is fully operational in dispensing herbs and supplements via our drop box, so that you have what you need to stay healthy during this stressful time. For your scheduling or supplement needs, please contact the front desk.

Chinese Medicine has a long, glorious history of responding to epidemics. A famous book published in the 1700s, Study on Febrile Diseases, still serves as a cornerstone of clinical practice to the present day. Many of the ideas from that book became the treatment strategies used in the 2003 SARS as well as the current COVID-19 epidemics. In China, 85% of Coronavirus cases utilized Traditional Chinese Medicine, with 90% stabilization/improvement rates. We have kept up with case reports and treatment summaries that have emerged in the last two months from Chinese herbalists and hospitals. That invaluable information gives us insight into what to look for, ask about, and do if we are presented with a case.

In China, where integrative Western medicine-Traditional Chinese medicine hospitals exist, many COVID-19 cases have been treated with one or both forms of medicine. We don’t have that level of integrated medicine hospital here. Even though we are reasonably confident of our Chinese herbal medicine skills in helping those who have COVID-19, within this medical system, we must ask patients with severe symptoms to seek immediate care from your physician, hospital, or Western medical system. If your symptoms are not life-threatening, and/or if the conventional Western medical system is unable to help you, contact us to set up a remote consult ASAP.

We are committed to being there for our community, and look forward to us all getting through this in good health.