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Farmer’s Markets in NC

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For NC Guide to Local & Organic Foods

Check out They list a complete selection of local farmers that sell at local farmer’s markets selected by county. Click on link for the Consumer Guide to Locally Produced Livestock, a sustainable Community Innovation Project funded by Southern Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (S-SARE) and the Southern Rural Development Center (SRDC). This guide offers names & addresses of farmers that offer 100% grass-fed animal products.

Other Websites to local contacts:

Organic Pick-Ur-Own Blueberries

Whitted Bowers Farm
Pick your own strawberries (and other goodies) from the only certified biodynamic and organic farm
Rob & Cher Bowers
8707 Art Road
Cedar Grove, NC 27231
Whitted Bowers Farm

Local Natural Farmers & Stores

Harmony Farms
Organic foods, customers need to pick up foods.
5653 Creedmor Rd
Raleigh, NC 27612


Most wines made and sold in the US (and in the world, for that matter) are laden with additives: sulfites in the fermentation process, flavor enhancers and preservatives in the production/storage process. These wines end up with about 10 times more sulfites, and 2-8% higher alcohol content, than what one would find in wines made without additives, not to mention unspeakable numbers of chemicals that we at OHS generally do our best to avoid.

Fortunately for those of us living in the Triangle, we have a wine importer, Ken Rosati, who works exclusively with vintners in Europe who specialize in making wines the traditional way: with old-varietal grapes, grown in time-tested ways; fermented with only ambient yeast; and completely free of added sulfites, stabilizers, flavor enhancers, etc etc. Ken is working with some others in opening up a wine shop that specializes in selling these wines. In the mean time, you can contact him directly to inquire about purchasing.

Ken Rosati
Tel: 919.598.7207
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Pasture-fed Meats

Baldwin Family Farms Outlet
Baldwin Charolais Beef is produced by Baldwin Family Farms, a family-operated farm in the rolling hills of pristine Caswell County, North Carolina. More than 35 years ago we selected the Charolais breed, which is legendary for efficiently producing high-quality, protein-rich, lean meat by natural grazing. Our Charolais herd thrives on our nutrient rich pastures, enriched by organic compost produced on our farm. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides have been applied to our pastures for more than 20 years.

Baldwin Charolais grass-fed, all-natural beef provides superior taste with significant health benefits. It is naturally lower in fat than most USA-produced beef, and is robust with natural flavor. It is dry-aged and minimally processed to enhance flavor. Baldwin Charolais beef can be purchased from our farm outlet, our website, or at a farmers’ market. We sell direct in pre-packed assorted cuts and quantities. Our “Mini-Sampler”, “Maxi-Sampler” and “40-Jumbo Burger” boxes are very popular for smaller families and cook-outs. We also offer Internet Orders for customized boxes; beef quarters and sides are also available. VISA, MasterCard, and checks are accepted. We also ship out of state.

5341 NC Hwy 86 South
Yanceyville, NC 27379
Farm: 336-694-4218
Carrboro Farmer’s Market on Saturdays
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Farm to Fork Meat
Modified CSA program serving the Triangle runs year round offering the best tasting locally raised most ethical meats and seafood in the Triangle.  Membership and minimum weekly orders are required to participate.  Home delivery is available.  All the meats are raised within our hunting range here in the Triangle.  Our seafood is all line caught off the NC shore in Southport, NC.  The anglers are only on the water for 3-4 days so the seafood is only 5 days out of the water at most when you receive it. We do not ship meat outside our hunting range.  You can place orders on the website once membership is established via website or phone call.
919-606-0320 or 919-845-0337

HoneyEgg Organic Farms
Rick and LeeAnn Gunderman
“Where Birds Meet Bees - produces organically raised free-range/pastured poultry, turkeys, and eggs. We also work in conjunction with another locally owned farm offering all natural beef as well as pastured pork. We use no chemicals, hormones, or antibiotics anywhere on our land or in the feeds we use. Our feed is always certified organic and free from genetically altered seeds. We are also a small-scale hatchery of heritage and rare breed poultry. We can provide day-old to adult birds to those interested in raising their own flocks.
9516 Virgilina Rd
Roxboro, NC 27574
336-322-4222 or 336-504-2960

Shiloh Farm & Retreat
Charles and Linda Gupton
Producers of pastured poultry and grass-fed beef in addition to fruits and vegetables. We use sustainable agriculture practices, incorporating the animals in with the vegetable and cover crop rotations in our fields to work and build up the soil. Pastured poultry is available June through October and beef seasonally as ordered. We hope to offer pasture-raised lamb and pork in the near future. We also maintain a laying flock of hens on pasture for egg production.
1264 Rocky Ford Rd.
Louisburg, NC 27549

Triple “B” Farms
Bailey Newton
Grass-fed & finished beef, pork, chicken & eggs from pastured chickens, no commercial fertilizers, no insecticides! Call for price list.

Triple “B” Farm is our beautiful, small family farm located in Bullock, NC. We are about 50 miles north of the big city of Raleigh. We have been farming our land for over a century. It is our great pleasure to offer you the most delicious grass-fed, free-range, hormone-free, antibiotic-free beef, chicken, pork, and eggs you’ve ever tasted. Our animals are content, healthy, and raised without using hormones or antibiotics. We take the time to rotate our pastures daily, grazing our animals on native grasses. We maintain fertile soils and green grass pastures by relying on compost and time-tested pasture grazing methods. We do not spray harmful pesticides or apply chemical fertilizers to our pastures. We do all we can to be the best stewards of the land and our animals. You’ll taste the grass-fed difference in our premium quality livestock products. Our products are available for pick up at our farm throughout the year, or seasonally (April-October) at our farmstand in Wake Forest, NC. (Visit ). You can contact us anytime. Please call us to order our products or request a brochure.

3564 Harry Davis Rd.
Bullock, NC 27507
C: 919-691-0013, Farm: 919-693-4246
Fax: 919-693-9290


Vital Choice Seafood & Organics
Choice of frozen wild salmon, white fish, canned seafood, and many other fish. Try their yummy sampler!
Order 24/7: 800-608-4825


Chapel Hill Creamery
Portia McKnight & Florence Hawley
Sells at most Farmer’s Markets, no shipping.
615 Chapel Hill Creamery Rd.
Chapel Hill, NC 27516


Larry’s Beans
Larry Larson & Ethan Fogleman
Certified organic coffee beans
1507 Gavin St
Raleigh, NC 27608