Durham, NC Clinic

We operate a busy practice in Durham, NC. Our team specializes in treating a variety of health problems with acupuncture, Chinese herbs, functional medicine, and dietary counseling. If you suffer from PMS, menstrual problems, menopause, infertility, frequent colds, cough, blood sugar disorders such as reactive hypoglycemia, diabetes, edema, urinary problems, digestive problems such as colitis or irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain, auto-immune disease, or any other condition now might be the time to get help. Our clinic has been in operation since 1989, initially in Santa Fe, NM with a subsequent clinic in Durham, NC which was established in 1999. Ken Morehead and Dagmar Ehling merged their existing clinics in 2004 to form Oriental Health Solutions. Fang Cai operated OHS branches in Kaneohe, Hawaii and Belfast, Maine for a period of four years. In 2011 OHS was a finalist in the "Best Holistic Medicine" category and in 2012 OHS was a finalist in the "Best Acupuncture Clinic" category in Durham's Independent Weekly newspaper. image Feel free to contact us if you have questions, would like to book an appointment, or would like to come in for a free 15 min consultation. Our patients get results! We pride ourselves in providing excellent care. This site is funded and operated by Oriental Health Solutions, LLC.

Mission Statement

We are committed to causing and generating health, balance and well-being in as many people as possible through the complementary wisdom of traditional Asian Medicine and modern Functional Medicine. We empower and inspire people to be healthy and vibrant. Our referral networks with other healthcare practitioners enable our patients to receive the best possible care. Working as a team, we are a major force in the transformation of health for our community.