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Thank you so much for assisting my client with her labor, Her contractions started directly after your treatment. Mother and infant are doing well.

M.A., Homebirth Midwife, Manoa, HI

Hey there. Just thought I would give you an update, and it’s all positive.  I really like the herbs. They are having a good effect. I could tell some difference last week, but the last two nights, in particular, I think the sleep quality is improving, and I’ve fallen asleep easily, and had an easier time falling back asleep after I woke up in the night. I don’t know how they work, or what they are working on, but I think it’s my brain that is better. Less busy, like you said. 

Leg pain got worse the next day but then got better right away after the treatment, and it has stayed gone.

And today—-I’m actually still in disbelief about this, and it’s so early that it is still very light—-I had a positive pregnancy test.

So, there is a full update.  :-)

Thanks for your help, I am so glad I came to see you.

A.O., Durham, NC

thanks for all your help getting ready for the arrival of our son.  attached is a pic of him.  we are enjoying getting to know each other for the past 2 weeks.

the birth went well.  i was induced in the hospital and we worked hard for about 8 hours.  it was steady and productive!

i’m certain that my sessions w/ the two of you really helped get my body ready for it all.  and, the acupressure points were the best thing—the ones on my hands and lower back were what we used the entire labor for pain relief.  it was really helpful!

C.F.B., Durham, NC

Our baby arrived Saturday just after midnight. It was a great experience and he was born in the tub at the birthing center. He is 8 lbs, 13 oz and appears to be a very talented nurser :-) Thank so much for all your help!

M.P., Durham, NC

Sorry for the delay on the returned call, today has been busy! My daughter was born 5 days ago.  My labor was only 6 hours long, and I wasn’t even at the hospital until 2 hours before I delivered (I wasn’t sure I was really in labor and then thought I would have plenty of time)!  I had a no meds normal delivery without complications, and I am doing very well.  Our little one is doing great, gaining weight and has had no problems associated with being a little early.  We have truly been blessed!  Thank you for helping me to have such a healthy pregnancy and baby!

Thanks again for everything, I’ll keep in touch! PS: Attaching a couple of pictures for you!

G. F., Apex, NC

Here’s a picture of the twins. I ended up delivering naturally at 37 weeks. The girls are super-healthy, and are happily breastfeeding. We can’t thank you enough for helping us on this special project!

K.C., Chapel Hill, NC

Everyone is still so amazed at how rarely my kids or I get sick. I haven’t had a sinus infection in over 2 years. Ever since I got pregnant with the twins I haven’t been sick since. My older daughter has never had a fever of over 100 and she hasn’t been sick with anything in over 3 years, not even really a cold. The twins have each only been sick about 3 days total in their lives, with only minor colds every now and then, and only one day of low-grade fever for each of them. It’s unbelievable! What I learned from my OHS practitioner about good health habits has really paid off with my kids. Hopefully it will stick with them for their lifetimes. THANK YOU!! —

T. A., Cary, NC

I wanted to let you know that we went for the level 2 ultrasound last Wed, when I was 18 weeks and one day by my LMP. The doctor said everything looks great and baby is measuring right on target! The ultrasound was amazing to watch; I can’t believe everything they can see on there, especially the four chambers of the heart. So I am feeling relieved that all looks good, and we decided to forgo an amnio based on that information. And we chose not to find out the baby’s sex, tempting as it was to ask! We’ll have to wait till Sept. 30 (or thereabouts; my due date) to find out that information.

Hope things are going well with you.

E. C., Chapel Hill, NC

Here are some photos of our daughter. She was born at 7:18 pm after a lightening-fast labor (too fast for the epidural!), weighs 7 pounds 1 oz, and measures 20 inches long. So far she enjoys sucking, sleeping, and the attention of visitors. We are all doing just fine, if a little shell-shocked. The labor was so fast that we forgot the camera, but here are a few photos from the phone!

Again, it was you to the rescue!! Is there anything you can’t do?

A.T., Chapel Hill, NC

Wanted to let you know that the treatment yesterday seems to have worked well. The left breast drained completely on my next feeding and both breasts have been flowing well over the last 24 hours. I am staying calm and cool (well, as much as can be) and drinking tea! Really appreciate your help. If trouble crops up again, I’ll call for an appointment ASAP, and once I get settled into my job, I’ll schedule one just for upkeep.


A. F., Raleigh, NC

Wanted to let you know that the area drained fully during my next feeding, after massaging the areas you indicated. Thanks again for the great advice. Hopefully, this was a one off thing. I even gave up coffee after my session! I’ll let you know if any problems crop up again so that I can get in for treatment. I’ll continue with the massage points. The problem was on the medial breast, and there is definitely a tender spot in between them where you indicated to massage.

Thanks so much,

F.W., Chapel Hill, NC

I had to let you know that whatever swelling was on the end of my legs they actually now look and feel like feet! I am thrilled to report that my swelling is almost gone! Absolutely due to the one acupuncture treatment and the herbs - so thanks a million!
Here are some pictures of our son - we just love him and enjoy him so much! Breastfeeding is going better too .
See you soon. Hope all is well.

J.J., Durham, NC

The good news is, the twins are doing GREAT!! Ultrasound shows they weigh about 5 lbs 11 oz and 5 lbs 9 oz, excellent since the 36 wk mark is tomorrow. Plus, my cervix is tight as a drum and these twins have actually risen UP in the birth canal. My docs are amazed. I attribute it to my acupuncture visits, the OB’s can’t think of anything that would cause it. So, no chance of the twins coming out anytime soon unless my water breaks.

F. F., Raleigh, NC

Just wanted to thank you for your attention for our babysitter yesterday. She is with my boys again this afternoon and she looks so much happier today than she did yesterday! She is thrilled with how well she felt after she left you, and can’t say enough good things about you. I think she is already recommending you to all her friends! Anyway, I appreciate it. I have been watching her go through this pregnancy, trying to slip in a word here and there about diet, but I haven’t felt very effective. She has been a lovely (though lately not very energetic!) babysitter for my boys.

C.F., Chapel Hill, NC

I thought you might like to see the “end result” of our efforts over the past 2 years. Mission accomplished! Our daughter is a true joy and is doing really well. Thank you so very much for all of your good care & help in all phases of planning for, carrying & delivering the baby. I truly think the reason I had such a good experience all along the way was in large part due to your care. Once I emerge from the all consuming parenthood of the first few months I’m sure I’ll be back in touch. I’d love to touch base about how best to manage/time overall health maintenance. All best wishes and a warm hug!

R.G., Chapel Hill, NC