Success Stories—EFT

Test taking anxiety:
I was very successful on my test! I tapped a few times between when I saw you and the test. I also did some tapping just prior to taking the test. I find it to be very calming, yet energizing. I most certainly tapped my way through my final semester at Watts Nursing School, and I am grateful to be employed full time in San Diego, California! I work for a naturopathic doctor and am learning a tremendous amount about all of the natural things we can do to maintain good health.

J. S., San Diego, CA

I’m writing to thank you again for encouraging me to give the integrative practices time to work!  I’m so much better.  I did not have the sinus surgery. I saw my pulmonologist for a checkup yesterday, and he was stunned!  He was very excited and wanted more information so that he possibly can help other patients with similar issues to mine.  He also happens to be a friend of the original ENT who was going to do the surgery, and plans to let him know about my outcome and kid him about surgery not always being the thing to do! Anyway, I just want to thank you for our tapping sessions, and your encouragement to me to listen to what was happening and trust and be patient.  I am using the tapping sequence we used with a number of my clients, all to great result. Thanks for the fine work you do, and for being a trail breaker in our current medical mindset!

S. S., Greensboro, NC

I wanted to thank your work with me and the deeply healing shifts that have come out of it. It took about a week of processing in which I did tapping on myself and accessed the amazing visualizations that I experienced with you. I feel that I have reached a new place of acceptance of myself and my past as a result. I’m also deeply thankful for your guidance to a more empowered place as I confronted past abuse in my life. I have also been using tapping and some of your visualizations techniques with clients of mine. I didn’t have the presence at the time to give you feedback and really wanted you to know how helpful it was to me.

B. M., Greensboro, NC

Fear of driving after whiplash injury:
I had been rear-ended while stopped at an intersection 11 months prior to our tapping session. I still had stiffness and limited range of motion in my neck. I had been paralyzed by fear as I watched the oncoming car in my rearview mirror. While tapping on it with you I experienced a flashback to another car accident 29 years earlier. That accident had been more serious, and I remember being frozen in the middle of an intersection when a speeding car struck my car. My memories of being unable to get out of the intersection before the accident were intense, with especially vivid sounds of the oncoming car revving its engine. After the tapping session I was able to drive through Durham later that day and stop at intersections without a paralyzing fear of being rear-ended. Eight months later, my neck mobility is significantly improved and my fear is still gone.

J. S., Jacksonville, FL

Frozen shoulder:
I very quickly regained full range of motion of my shoulder.  I don’t recall the actual time span but it was only weeks.  Compared to the 18 months of physical therapy, injected steroids, oral steroids, and NSAIDs that I had endured, it was a miracle!  I have had no other problems with that shoulder.

L.H., Durham, NC

Anger management:
I wanted to share with you an interesting story from my morning activities after last night’s EFT class with my children, ages 7 and 9 y/o.  My daughter (9 y/o) woke up this morning after her brother.  She became very angry at him for waking before her because “he’s always bragging about getting up earlier.”  My daughter quickly went from anger to pure, utter sobbing.  I sat her down and we started tapping (EFT).  I guided her through the “traumatic episode/feelings” similar to the way you guided us last night (not quite as amusing as you did, though).  She immediately reported and visually presented as “tremendously relieved, calmed and released.”  We then proceeded to another “traumatic episode” (long needles since she will have immunizations soon) and once again, she immediately reported and visually presented as “tremendously relieved, calmed and released.”  Her coloring changed, her affect changed, her physical tension/tone changed, her breathing changed AND she got up, hugged her brother and went about singing, smiling and whistling the remainder of the morning. 

PRETTY DARN COOL!  Thanks so much for the course!  I will not be the only one in my family who benefits from this simple yet terribly effective procedure. (Can you teach this to children in the schools? What a FANTASTIC way to help these little people learn to cope with and manage these HUGE feelings they have bottled up inside…............)

Thank you and happy days to you and your family!

F. P., Raleigh, NC