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Success Stories—Brain Health & Memory

Hey there. Just thought I would give you an update, and it’s all positive.  I really like the herbs. They are having a good effect. I could tell some difference last week, but the last two nights, in particular, I think the sleep quality is improving, and I’ve fallen asleep easily, and had an easier time falling back asleep after I woke up in the night. I don’t know how they work, or what they are working on, but I think it’s my brain that is better. Less busy, like you said. 

Leg pain got worse the next day but then got better right away after the treatment, and it has stayed gone.

And today—-I’m actually still in disbelief about this, and it’s so early that it is still very light—-I had a positive pregnancy test.

So, there is a full update.  :-)

Thanks for your help, I am so glad I came to see you.

A.O., Durham, NC

Per your request, I’m sending a status update about my experience with the supplements and Chinese herbs. So far, I think I’m having excellent results! I’m taking one capsule in the morning and one after lunch. It really does seem to improve my focus without any of the jitters I used to get with the methylphenidate. I might consider adding an additional pill in the morning because some of the initial dramatic results seem to have tapered off. But the effect is still noticeable.

I also think the Chinese herbs help with calming my thoughts at night. I’m also being better about eating a more substantial breakfast and have been eating an egg cooked in the coconut oil about 3 times/week. It’s tasty!

Unless anything changes, I’ll plan to see you on the 10th as scheduled. Many thanks for all your help! I’m feeling better than I have in very long time!


G.J., Durham, NC

Thank you so much for a fantastic session yesterday. I already can feel the effects of the work you did - and that, in addition to the pulsatilla remedy you prescribed, seemed to have a very positive impact on my mood and productivity today.

I can’t tell you how pleased I am to be working with you. You are a gem.


N. P., Durham, NC