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Case Histories

Rebecca, Fertility

Rebecca, a 39 year old woman, had been trying to conceive for the past 2 ½ years. Her past history included use of birth control pills for 20 years, though she has been off them for the past three years. Rebecca had a regular 30-day cycle; ovulation predictor kits showed regular ovulation, and she experienced stretchy cervical fluid on day 14/15.  She had PMS symptoms including minor irritability and breast distension. Rebecca and her husband had recently consulted with a reproductive endocrinologist.  Her husband was very healthy, and his sperm analysis was normal, but showed abnormal viscosity. Rebecca’s laboratory tests were all within normal limits. She had used clomid on seven cycles, doing IUI (intra-uterine insemination) on one of them, but all without success. Her basal body temperature (BBT) chart revealed a slightly cool follicular phase, but a normal luteal phase. She also complained of dry skin, constipation, cold hands/feet, and an overall chilliness.

Rebecca’s dietary habits revealed some foods not conducive to fertility, so we discussed the appropriate modifications.  She received acupuncture regularly (but due to the fact that she lived far away she was only coming in about once a month), and took a custom-tailored Chinese herbal formula.

The constipation significantly improved with the treatments and dietary modifications as did her chilliness and cool basal body temperatures. By the fifth visit, Rebecca happily reported that she was 7 weeks pregnant, and had already detected a heart beat via ultrasound. Because of her age, she had also scheduled a nuchal translucency test. At this point, we modified her acupuncture treatments and herbal formulas to prevent miscarriage. She complained of mild nausea and fatigue, but otherwise felt great.

Rebecca is currently progressing well in her pregnancy.  She is 15 weeks along, and her genetic testing gave all normal results.

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