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Case Histories

Marvin, Post-Stroke Recovery

Marvin, age 56, had experienced a deep brain stroke 14 months ago.  Immediately after the stroke, he was hospitalized for two weeks.  Over the course of the next two months, with the help of rehab exercises, he regained some of his strength, began walking again, and could return to work.

Marvin sought out acupuncture because he was experiencing continued weakness on the right side of his body: writing was difficult, his face felt numb, the arms and legs felt stiff and weak, and his grip was poor.  He also had pain in the shoulders and toes, and all the symptoms were aggravated by cold weather.

We started with weekly acupuncture treatments and some dietary modifications.  After two sessions, Marvin had many noticeable improvements: his limbs were looser, the facial numbness began to recede, and leg felt stronger.  We added a Chinese herbal formula to his treatment regiment during the third session, which further improved the strength in his hip and leg, relaxation of the shoulder, and decreased the pain in his foot. 

After four treatments, Marvin began coming in for acupuncture every two weeks, while continuing with daily doses of herbal medicine.  The progress has been sure and steady.  Less than 5 months after starting with treatment, he experiences no more pain in the limbs.  The facial numbness has retracted from most of the right side of his face to a small spot below the lips.  The right shoulder, arm, and leg have all loosened up considerably, and now the only tightness he feels is a spot on the right knee, when it is bent.  Marvin’s grip strength has returned.  He is also much less sensitive to the cold; his muscles remain loose, comfortable, and—most importantly—functional, even when he is exposed to windy cold weather. 

Marvin happily continues with his acupuncture and herbal treatments at an interval of every 3-4 weeks. 

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