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Case Histories

Kristen, Repeated Miscarriages

Kristen, age 34, had one child who was 1 ½ years old. She was having difficult conceiving another child.  She had had 4 miscarriages, which usually occurred before the 10th week of pregnancy. She had tried using clomid and tried on her own, but was unsuccessful in conceiving. One of her ANAs (clotting ability) was suspicious but inconclusive, for which her gynecologist recommended taking aspirin during the next pregnancy. Kristen had fairly regular cycles and normal ovulatory cervical fluid, but at times suffered from menstrual cramps. She was still nursing her first child. Her emotional outlook was moody; she reported often feeling sad and lonely, struggled with the fertility issues, and suffered from insomnia.

Kristen’s treatment plan included acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and dietary modifications to amend for some essential nutrients that her body was missing.

Kristen reported enjoying her new diet, but her next cycle was anovulatory as per her basal body temperature (BBT) chart.  We discussed having her wean her first child, since that was likely depleting her. We changed her herbal formula to further build her qi and blood. 

At her next visit, Kristen reported that she did feel better emotionally and was sleeping better. She was confused about when she ovulated but we were able to clarify it via her BBT chart. Two weeks later she faxed a temperature chart to the office that appeared to be triphasic with a 13 day luteal phase so far. She reported that she was feeling pretty tired. A few days later, she confirmed a positive pregnancy test. At her follow-up visit she complained of anxiety and fear of another miscarriage. She did sleep well, however, and scheduled an ultrasound for week 7. Kristen’s doctor put her on progesterone, and a higher dosage of aspirin.

The ultrasound showed two different heart beats—Kristen was pregnant with twins. Both babies measured well in size and development. She felt great emotionally, but was in disbelief of the twins. She continued to eat healthily, though suffered from occasional nausea.

Kristen had a nucal translucency test at 12 weeks, and everything came back normal. She was thrilled to have come this far. We continued with acupuncture treatments every other week, but discontinued the herbs.  Her goal was to reach 38 weeks gestation with the twins, so starting at 34 weeks we implemented weekly treatments to gently prepare her for the birth. Kristen was able to deliver the twins (a boy and a girl) naturally and her labor was normal. Both babies were healthy, and Kristen made a quick recovery.

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