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Case Histories

John, Shoulder Pain

John, 42, came to the clinic with a major complaint of right shoulder pain. 2 years ago he suffered a sports injury but waited too long for treatment. He had injured his rotator cuff, specifically a biceps and labral tear. He had surgery to repair the tears 6 months ago. However, he now has lots of scar tissue and inflammation. He has a difficult time raising his right arm and lateral rotation is poor. The pain is worse when he sleeps on his right side; it is improved with heat, and while in the hot tub.  The pain is compounded because John holds his stress in the neck and upper shoulder region.  John had been to physical therapy, but was still in a great deal of pain.

His acupuncture treatment included body, shoulder, and arm points. He was sent home with magnets on specific acupressure points, which he could massage several times a day. He was given some nutritional supplements for helping to break up his scar tissue. We discussed making some dietary modifications to address inflammation.

After the first treatment, his pain was 30% less. By the fourth session his pain was 95% improved. He will continue to have semi-regular acupuncture treatments, as well as more physical therapy sessions to improve his arm strength.

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