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Case Histories

Jessica, PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

Jessica, a 32 year old overweight patient came in with a main complaint of PCOS with amenorrhea (no menstrual periods). She complained also of acne, rosacea and persistent headaches. She had been to Weight Watchers and lost 26 lbs on their program. She presented with anovulatory cycles as per her body basal temperature charts and consistently negative ovulation predictor kits. During her first visit we did a complete overhaul of her diet to which, initially, she appeared skeptical. In addition to receiving acupuncture, she also started drinking a custom-tailored bulk Chinese herbal tea which nourished Kidney yin and yang, warmed the uterus, resolved phlegm nodulation, and moved the blood in the lower abdomen.

After three months of treatment Jessica had 2 menstrual periods. Neither period showed a distinct ovulatory pattern yet but she continued to loose weight on the new diet which she excitedly followed. Her headaches were gone. She started to work out at the gym 2 x/week. Over time her skin improved significantly.

After four and a half months she had lost an additional 20 lbs. By her next visit she fell off the wagon and didn’t do any herbs and gained 2 lbs. Her headaches returned during that one week break. She realized how much everything was helping. Even her husband became convinced and joined her cooking and preparing fresh foods.

After six months her temperatures looked ovulatory and her menses came every 30 days. She had lost a total of 26 lbs since her first visit, her headaches were gone and her skin looked and felt fabulous. I received the following email from her: “What a surprise….after day 42 of the cycle with no period, I decided to do a home pregnancy test. It was positive two days in a row!”

We changed her formula toward a miscarriage prevention mixture. While she was very excited she was also anxious. She complained of nausea and sensitivity to smells. At 12 weeks they did an ultrasound and showed a strong heart beat. At this point we discontinued regular treatments until week 36 at which point she came in again to prepare her for the labor. She went on deliver a healthy baby boy.

Two and a half years later the patient walked into the clinic and presented her six-months old daughter. Jessica had continued with the diet and was able to break her PCOS pattern and conceive on her own.

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